Black & White Fur

Learn how to paint with soft pastels and pastel pencils






What will I learn?


Subject, fur, depth, source light...

Color & Backgrounds

color, technique and background integration.


Eyes, nose, mouth, metal elements.

Pastel Online Course
Black & White Fur

By Patricia Otero ©




Which materials will I need?

Pastel Paper

Sanded surface.

The Paper I’ll be using is called Pastelmat from Clairefontaine color DARK GREY. Ideal size for this course: 50x75cm. You’ll have some paper leftover. If cou can’t find this size, look for 30x40cm

Alternatives to Pastelmat: Sennelier Pastel Card, Art, Spectrum Colourfix, Canson Mi Teintes.

Soft Pastels

For our base layers.

Soft pastels I’ll be using: Schmincke.

Soft pastels alternatives: Unison Color, Rembrandt, Girault, Pan Pastels.

My favourite black and white for soft pastels: Schmincke Serious Black and Schmincke White pastel online course

Pastel Pencils

For all the many details.

The pastel pencils I’ll be using are: Stabilo Carbothello, Faber Castell Pastel Pitt, Caran d’Ache Pastel Pencils.

Alternatives to these pastel pencils Bruynzeel, Derwent, Daler Rowney.

The whitest white I own is Caran d’Ache chinese white pastel pencil and the blackest black I own is Black pastel color from CretaColor 460 12.


For blending soft pastels.

Sponges and “spatula nº3 Oval” from PanPastel Sofft. Try to get at least 1 packet of smaller sponges (it comes with 10 small sponges) If “nº3 Oval” is not available get “nº1 Round” or “nº2 Flat”

Alternatives: Make Up Sponges will work good enough if you can’t find the ones from the panpastel brand, they are a similar material


For blending soft pastels.

You will need a surface to tape down the Pastelmat, this can be a piece of wood or a piece of thick cardboard or the same table in which you will be working on. I will use an easel.

Buy craft tape for taping down the pastelmat. Masking tape is also good but sometimes is not very sticky.

White transfer paper (or any color of choice). Any brand is good, I use the brand Saral.

Don’t worry!

Work with what you have

Work with any material you have, as a teenager I used to work only with Rembrandt soft pastels and the cheapest paper in my art store, the results for portraits were amazing. I’ve always worked with what I’ve had at the time, having some brands might make the process easier but they are not absolutely necessary.


I am a beginner, can I use this course?

Absolutely. In this course I explain things from begining to end. My technique for pastel portraits is extremely specific, I do things differently than the typical pastel technique so to me it is important to explain the whole process of why I do what I do and how I do it. This means both beginners and advanced people will learn from my course.

How long will the course be available for?

The course will be available to purchase after it’s released for one year. After purchasing it you’ll have lifetime access.

Can I follow the tutorial in real time?

This course is a pre recorded course, so you’ll be able to paint along at your leisure and anytime which fits your lifestyle. The course is mainly real time painting and I’ve only speeded up a few areas so you’ll be able to follow along at the same time as my videos. You will have access to the course by logging into your account with your username and password. Inside your Dashboard you’ll be able to see the courses you have purchased. Access to it and follow the lessons at your own pace.

In what device should I watch this course?

You can watch my course in any device you wish. Ideally you should watch this course in a large screen. There’s lots of small detail work that you won’t be able to appreciate on your phone screen so a tablet or bigger decive is recommended to be able to watch the tutorials properly.

I don’t have all the brands you mention, would I be able to use this course?

Yes absolutely. The brands I use are not absolutely necessary for the course. You can work with what you have as long as it’s pastels. When I was in art school all I had was Rembrandt soft pastels and cheap pastel  paper, nothing else! and I was able to achieve beautiful results in human portraiture. I’ve always found that whatever material I’m using, I’ll find a way to give my best result at pastel online course

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about the course?

No. Due the nature of digital products I’m not able to give you a refund of the course.

Will I be able to use this technique to paint other animals?

Yes! The technique I teach in this course can be applied to any long-fur animal you paint. Cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. I follow the same exact process for every subject (except human skin which is a different technique). In the future I will be releasing other courses in which we will paint different subjects, for short fur, humans, cat’s eyes, etc.

Can I pay you in installments?

If you wish to pay the course in different stages we can do that for sure. I will give you access to the course when the last payment is done.

Can I contact you if I don’t understand something?

Yes absolutely. If you see you are not understanding some areas of the course, let me know and I’ll try to explain through email with a better wording.


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