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Meet the Artist

My name is Patricia Otero and I live and work in the beautiful mountain river valleys of rural Galicia, northern Spain. I am a full time professional artist, specializing in hyperrealistic portraiture. I’ve been working professionally since 2015 with many satisfied clients from all around the world. I’ve had the pleasure to create over 200 individual commissioned pieces. I’ve spent so many hours with all kinds of different subjects, pets, birds, horses, people… I love to hear about their story, their anecdotes, all the things that will bring me closer to my subject and make a unique and special portrait come to life.

I’ve made portraits of fantastic service dogs, many working type dogs, horse show jumpers, and many cat types from the fluffy cats to the biggest cats in the world like the Maine Koons. I’ve even painted a dog and his best friend, a Guinea Pig. I’ve also done several people portraits, from children with their pets to senior citizens that are sadly no longer with us. Large scale portraits are now common place in my studio. Ranging from a single subject to as many as seven subjects in the same piece (at present!).

I’ve also created several creative pieces that involved not only animals and people but objects, scenery and personal memories. It’s a great honor to say that many clients have returned for my services, resulting in many lasting friendships. I speak both English and Spanish. I have a great passion for  wildlife, nature, pets and all animals in general aswell as owning 6 naughty terriers. 

If you follow me on social media you will have seen I spend a large amount of time outdoors with them. My dogs and the surroundings of where I live are my inspiration, and they’ve had a huge impact in the way I paint and how I approach every single portrait. 

Testimonial from Traci Reinke

“Patricia is an amazing artist. But more importantly a wonderful person. I cannot thank her enough for the portrait of my 3 border collies. I cannot express how honored I am to have you make this for me. You have been truly wonderful to work with. I tell everyone about you wanting bios so you can paint their personalities into your work. You have captured each of their personalities! They are all so different except for the love. And you can see that love in their eyes. Thank you again for your extraordinary talent


Today we went outside and we took a photo with our Portraits.

Megan Ashton: “Patricia! We got the painting and I was moved to tears! You are so talented! You are right, no photo or video can capture your true talent! We are in awe! Thank you so much!

Tammy Ashton: “I cannot even thank you enough! I wanted to share this photo with you… It is so beautiful I cannot wait to hang it in the house. Hugs lady! You are amazing!”


“Patricia, I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to do this very very special pastel as a gift from my husband! I can’t believe how “life like” he is. You SURELY captured his personality in this along with it being absolutely beautiful. EVERY detail is so remarkable. it is so real and lifelike that all you want to do it reach out and pet him!
My biggest fear is that I will close my eyes someday and not be able to picture Rügan in my mind, your God given talent will ensure that will never happen, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

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