Black & White Fur with Pastels

What I will learn?

  • How to create a rich and intense black and withe coat with pastels.
  • How to make the subject’s coat shine both in white and black tonalities.
  • How to achieve depth in fur by working with lights and darks to make the subject stand out.
  • How to use soft pastels and sponges for the base layers.
  • How to use pastel pencils to create a painting full of highly detailed elements, on top of the base layers.
  • How to create a light source in our subject.
  • The importance of correct choice and use of colour in a portrait.
  • How to identify and choose the correct colours of the subject looking at our reference photos.
  • How to use soft pastels and sponges to create a perfectly smooth background.
  • How to perfectly integrate the subject with the background.
  • How to choose the right background colour for the subject.
  • We will work on one specific subject.
  • How to create depth, shine, colour and reflection within the eyes, as Eye's are the window to the soul.
  • How to create a healthy wet nose, tongue and mouth features, achieving a realistic look.
  • How to create realistic metallic elements like collar, tags, etc.
  • How to add those final and extremely important details (whiskers, fine hairs) that will give our subject that extremely realistic and fluffy look.

Course Curriculum


  • Presentation


Extras & Advice

Getting ready to paint


Base Layers – Left Side

Details – Left Side

Base Layers – Right Side

Details – Right Side


The Body

Final Details


Target Audience

  • In this course, I explain things from beginning to end. My technique for pastel portraits is extremely specific; I do things differently than the typical pastel technique, so to me, it is important to explain the whole process of why I do what I do and how I do it. This means both beginners and advanced people will learn from my course.